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Five Girl Names From The 1950s That Went Out Of Style And Then Back In

There are lots of examples of uncommon names seeing a spike in popularity and then after a few years mellowing out. However, once a name goes out of fashion it can be hard for it to ever recover. Today the Baby Name Institute thought it would be fun to look at names that were popular, went out of style, and then came back. We are focusing on girl baby names. All these names were more than twice as popular in the 1950s as they were from 1960-2010. They are also all now (2010-2016) more popular than they were from the same middle 50 year period (1960-2010).

5. Opal

Opal is a beautiful name based on a beautiful rock. However, up until recently it was associated in most people's minds with an older generation. The name saw rock bottom in 1995 at about 10% of its popularity in the 1950s. It is now surging and more popular than ever.

4. Georgia

Georgia had a bit of a rough patch. However, it is peaking recently and is now as common as it was 60 years ago.

3. Mavis

Mavis is unusual in that the recent surge has been a true spike. To the best of our knowledge, this 2013 spike was due to a fictional animated character named Mavis Dracula which appeared in the 2012 animated movie Hotel Transylvania voiced by Selena Gomez. (If you have alternatives theories, please e-mail us at

2. Pearl

Pearl isn't relegated to the nursing home anymore. Now, we will see Pearl's at kindergartens across America.

1. Vivian

Coming in at #1 on our list is Vivian. While there used to be around 2500 babies a year named Vivian born in America, it collapsed to under 400 and took several decades to pick back up. However, the name is at a new high with no signs of slowing down.
Published May 4, 2018
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