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Are people naming their children after Elon Musk?

People often see people, real or fictional, as role models for their children. At the Baby Name Institute we've covered babies named after presidents and even babies named after Pixar characters. One of the most prominent inventors/investors/instigators of our day is Elon Musk. He's a man that may send us to Mars as well as inspire hundreds of birth certificates.
Elon Musk has been a name in the media for years but it wasn't until around 2012 through 2014 when he really became a household name. That's when the Tesla Model S started to ship, Solar City became a leading solar provider, a Space-X rocket reached the space station, and Musk released Hyperloop plans online. The name Elon for boys spiked in 2014.
The name still hasn't cracked the top 1,000 but it is growing exponentially and it is reasonable to assume it will break that barrier in 2018. The Baby Name Institute believes that Elon Musk is responsible for the bump in name popularity that so far has caused approximately 350 more babies to be named Elon than would have been otherwise.
The data is a bit unclear but it is possible that the fame of Elon Musk has stopped Elon being used as a name for girls. Since Elon Musk has become popular the popularity of Elon for girls has dwindled, although the data is messy.
It also appears that the rise of his company Tesla may be causing a resurgence in the name Tesla. The Baby Name Institute has covered some car names in the past including the name Chevrolet which was given for the first time in 2017. The name Tesla is more popular for girls and had a big increase in the 1980s (possibly because of the rock band Tesla). However, since 2009 the name has been regrowing in popularity. The name is now synonymous with the car company so it would be hard to separate the popularity of the name to the popularity of the company. People really do treat their Tesla cars as their babies so it is no surprise they treat their babies as their car's name.
The name Tesla has also been giving to boy babies for the first time ever. In total, the Baby Name Institute estimates that approximately 450 babies (boy and girl combined) have been given the name Tesla, whether it be directly related to the car company or just because of increase recognition.
Whether or not you invest in Tesla stock it seems like a fair bet that stock in the name Tesla and the name Elon is only going to go up. Please cite the Baby Name Institute if you share this information on your blog. If you want more fun and original baby name research you can follow us follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!
Published June 8,2018
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