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Top Ten Names Gaining The Most Popularity Of 2017
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Top Ten Growing Names By Year

The above list represents the names which have surged the most in popularity from where they were ten years ago.
For instance, in 2006 the name Bentley was given to just 170 baby boys. In 2016 it was given to 4026. In 2002 there were 2512 baby girls named Kennedy though in 1992 there were just 47.
The list above was compiled by simply comparing one year's popularity to that of ten years before. This doesn't capture any nuance and it is possible that on a smaller level a name is in decline even if on the decade long level it has been increasing.
If you find this list interesting be sure to check out the list of names which have seen the biggest decrease in popularity over the last ten years.
We plan to do more articles and research into some of these jumps at the Baby Name Institute. What causes a name to become exponentially more popular in such a short period of time? It is chance, a public figure, or part of a larger trend? Subscribe to our e-mail list below and we will let you know when our new studies and blog posts come out.
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