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Top Ten Long Names (10 or More Letters) Of 2017
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The Most Popular Long Names in America

Having a baby can be expensive. One thing that they don't charge you for is the name. In fact, no matter how many letters you put in your babies name it is still free. Some people want to get their money's worth. The names above are the most popular long names, all having at least ten letters in them.
Since 1950 Christopher has been the most popular long boy baby name each year. The number two spot has shifted between Bartholomew, Constantine, Florentino, Washington, Christophe, Kristopher, Maximilian, and Maximiliano. If you were paying attention to that big pile of letters or to the chart above you should see all the Christ names that make up the long names. In fact, in 1971 eight of the top ten long names were variants of Christopher including Kristoffer and Christofer.
Among girls the results have not been much more diverse. Jacqueline and Alexandria are the only two names to ever take the #1 spot. You can see the top long name in each state by using the Baby Name Institute's animated map feature.
If you prefer a name that's a bit quicker to spell maybe you'll be happier looking at the most popular names that are three letters or shorter.
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