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Top Ten Names of 2017 Starting With A
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What Are The Most Popular Names Starting With Each Letter?

A is for....Ava.
B is for....Benjamin.
At the Baby Name Institute we decided to compile the most popular names starting with each letter. Letters and sounds are an interesting part of Baby Name study and the lists above show the trends associated with each letter. How did your name rank by letter in the year you were born?
You'll see that some letters are more constant than others. Xavier has been the most popular X name for 68 straight years while there have been seven different girl K names take a turn at the top spot.
There is also a good amount of variation by state so if you are extra curious check out the top name by letter by state in this animated map. Or, if you didn't like this lists then maybe you should check out the list of the top ten names ending with each letter. You will have the opposite reaction to it.
For a full listing of all names that start with each letter you can check our letter pages here.
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