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Top Ten Names in Alabama of 2017
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People in Wyoming love the name Wyatt. Wisconsin is more into Henry. In West Virginia Liam is all the rage.
At the Baby Name Institute we are about examining baby name trends. However, sometimes it easy to overlook the three biggest factors when it comes to naming variation. Location, location, location.
There is quite a large amount of geographic diversity. Although some names bounce around the top ten in most states, there is a lot of movement. The top spot across the 50 states for boy names is claimed by 10 different names: Benjamin, Elijah, James, Liam, Logan, Lucas, Noah, Oliver, William, and Wyatt. Among girl names the top spot is claimed by eight names: Ava, Charlotte, Emma, Evelyn, Harper, Isabella, Mia, and Olivia. In 1950 there wasn't as much diversity in names and that is reflected in the geographic diversity as well.
The above list helps you find which names are the most popular in each state. You can search any name at the Baby Name Institute and see which states or regions it is most popular in.
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