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The Most Popular Baby Names in America

America is a diverse play. It changes each mile you travel and each year that passes. America's baby naming practices are also diverse over time and space. The map above attempts to show that.
The Social Security Administration gives data on baby names on a yearly and state basis. The map above shows the most popular name in each state. Watch as names spread like a virus throughout the country. In 1991 Jacob was only the most popular name in Iowa and Nebraska. By 2000 over half of America favored Jacob over any other name.
Girl names have seen more eras of domination. In 1965 every state in America had Lisa as the most popular name for girls and eight years later Jennifer had taken over all 50 states. In 2017 the maps are a lot more colorful with multiple names taking the top spots in different states on both the boy and girl side.
Spend as much time as you can checking out some geographic trends. In the 1950s James was by far most popular in the southeast and Tyler has always done best in the north.
Hit "Boy Names" or "Girl Names" above to watch the animation. User the slider if you want to focus on a particular year.
If you want to simply see more than just the top name in each state, you can view the top ten in each state here. Sadly, it is not colorful, but is informative. You can also click on the links below to see the top names in each state by other criteria. If you want to support the Baby Name Institute please consider following us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!
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