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First Letter: A
Year: 1950

The Letter Names Map

The map above shows the most popular name in each state by year and by starting letter. The animation you never knew you wanted to watch is now available for viewing.
There are simply too many weird and surprising trends that stick out on viewing that I'm not going to name them all. Watch as Patricia is overtaken by Pamela which is taken over by Paige which gets knocked off by Peyton which then fails to fight off Paisley and Penelope. Perhaps the most fun thing about viewing data in this way it the geographic areas different names dominate. The name Kyle started its war against Kevin in just North Dakota and spread south but could never quite take over a few southern states. Evelyn can only beat out Emma in a few northern states.
You can view the top ten names nationally by letter by viewing the official Baby Name Institute list here.
Does your name crack the top spot in the year and state you were born? What about your Mom's name?
The Social Security Administration only publishes name data per state if there are at least five people born with that name that year in that state. The grey boxes with no name means less than five people were born with any one name starting with the chosen letter that year in that state. Use the sliders to change letter or year and click "Boy Names" and "Girl Names" to refresh the animation.
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