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If you are a Baby Name Institute user you can search any name (like Ryan or Kelly) and see how popular they are in each state in 2017. However, for those of you who want more information this map is for you.
Enter a name above (or hit random) and see the rank of that name in each state over time. You can use the slider to stop in a particular year. To be clear, the ranking indicates the rank of that name for that state. For example, in 2017 the rank of Michael in Montana was 13. This means twelve boy names were more popular in Montana than Michael.
The Social Security Administration only publishes data on name by state if that year at least five babies were born in a particular state. For example if you search Toby on this widget you will see that in many states there is no rank given. That means four or less Toby's were born in states like Georgia, Massachusetts, or Vermont. In some cases this may make names look less popular in a state just because the state is small. For instance, Toby is unranked in Idaho and ranked in Pennsylvania. It is possible Toby is more popular by percentage in Idaho, but because Pennsylvania is so much bigger Toby was at least able to hit 5 in the state.
We will have a lot more research and articles on this widget in the future. For now, enjoy discovering trends yourself. For example, the name Aspen first appeared in Colorado (where the ski resort town is) and then spread throughout the mountain west and eventually the whole country. Other names like Oscar have continual geographic patterns based on the fact they are associated with Spanish speakers. Virgnia has historically been most popular in the state of Virginia itself.
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