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Most Popular State Girl Names Of 1950
Year: 1950

State Names: An Animated History

In the year 2006 the most popular name in North Dakota and South Dakota was Jersey and the most popular name in New Jersey was Dakota.
Just like our top ten list on the subject the Baby Name Institute took a look at names which get their name directly from states (in the case of a state like North Dakota or New Jersey just Dakota or Jersey). Some citizens like to honor the state they live in and some don't. For many years the only state for which Virginia. Montana has taken the top spot in New Mexico and Louisiana but never Montana.
You may be wondering why only girl names are visible. For many years not a single state had enough babies named after a state to even register in the data (the Social Security Administraiton only publishes name data in a state if there are at least five babies with a given name). Once names did start appearing, it was 100% Dakota.
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