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How Often Are Babies Named Vernon Born?
A baby named Vernon is born every 289321 seconds
A baby named Vernon is born every 4822 minutes
A baby named Vernon is born every 80 hours
A baby named Vernon is born every 3 days
Every week 2 babies named Vernon are born
Every month 9 babies named Vernon are born
Every year 109 babies named Vernon are born
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How Many Babies With Your Name Are Born Every Day?

At the Baby Name Institute we are all about putting data into perspective. On our main name pages we display a popularity of name per 100,000 births. What does it mean that 785 babies per 100,000 are named James?
The calculator above puts things into perspective. Every hour two babies named James are born. Perhaps you can start living your life in a new time unit based on the births of James. “I like to sleep sixteen James-births a night.” “I will be there in two James-births.”
The widget helps put into perspective just how many, or how few, there are of each name. Some names have dozens of births a day. Others can go weeks and only expect one new member of the name club.
The widget above works for the top 10,000 names since 1950. If it isn't showing up in the calculator that means it is pretty rare and you may have to wait at least a few weeks (if not longer) before a baby with that name pops into existence.
If you are fascinated by the topic of time check out our widget which shoes babies being named in real time. At the Baby Name Institute we have also created a calculator to figure out how many seconds old you are along with a widget which helps you plan alternative to birthdays based on your age in seconds and minutes.
(This widget is based on data from 2017 which as of writing this is the most recent data available.)
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