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How Many Seconds Old Are You?
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How Many Seconds Old Are You?

If you ask a mother how old her baby is she may say "four months". If you ask a child how old she is she may answer that they are "six and a half". If you ask a friend how old he is he will answer you in years. The older you get the less specific you get.
We at the Baby Name Institute wanted to change that, or at least give you the option of doing so. How many seconds have passed since you were born? How many days? How many weeks?
Of course, there is some downside. Generally you want to be younger. Fifteen-million minutes may be the same thing as thirty years old, but one sounds a lot younger than the other.
If you want to celebrate any big milestone moments (in terms of seconds lived) make sure to check out the companion widget here. If your kid is tired of just celebrating regular birthdays and half-birthdays, maybe he will like celebrating his two-hundred-million-second milestone as well.
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