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What Are The Chances Of Being The Only Person Named Benjamin In A Group of 25?
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What Are The Chances Another Kid In Your Child's Class Will Have The Same Name?

We teach children to share. They should share their snacks and their toys. However, not everything in life is fun to share and that includes your name.
There is nothing worse than having the same name as a classmate. Soon, your child goes from being Eric, Nicole, or Sammy to being "Eric 2" or "Nicole L" or "Sammy with the messy hair."
The above calculator helps you plan for this. Using 2017 data (which approximates current naming trends very well) you can see the odds a given name will be unique in a group of 25, 100, or 300. This calculator makes a few assumptions, the biggest being that the naming distribution of your classroom mimics the naming distribution of the entire United States. This is unlikely as naming geography differs from state to state and by ethnic background. Still, the calculator does a good job at giving you a baseline estimate of the odds of being unique.
You can also change the year to see the odds that you had growing up (or still do have among a group of co-workers your exact age). This calculator only considers the top 10,000 names since 1950. If you can't find the name on the list, then you've found a pretty rare name and chances are you are in the clear.
Don't forget to use the search bar above for a complete set of valuable information (other than classroom uniqueness) on each name
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