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Which Names Are Boy Names And Which Names Are Girl Names?

Some names are just given to boys. Others are just for girls. However, there is a unique subset of names that are popular among boys and girls. On top of that, some of these names shift over time going from favored by one gender to being favored by another.
Consider the name Charlie. In the 1950s and 1960s it was given to girls but around 95% of the time it was given to boys. In the last two decades this has shifted and for the first time ever in 2016 there were actually more girls names Charlie than boys. Similar trends have happened to Taylor and Courtney. The name Britt has crossed the 50% line several times it the last seventy years.
Other names have a more predictable history. The name Noel has always been more popular for boys than girls. While Elliot is growing as a name for girls, it is growing at a related but faster rate for boys.
The widget above has any name which had both the boy and girl version appear in the top 10,000 names since 1950. If you want to see how statistically correlated the names are you can check out our correlated name calculator here.
The search over covers names for which there was a sufficient amount of both boy and girl babies. If you are using a personal computer you should see the available names come up on autocomplete as you search.
Unisex names are such an interesting topic for us to research at the Baby Name Institute. Sometimes both the boy and girl version will gain popularity at the same time. Other times the growth of popularity for one gender can destroy the popularity of the other. We plan on doing closer looks at particular names and publishing our research in the blog section. While the tool above gives you the ability to explore, you don't want to miss these studies so make sure to subscribe to the Baby Name Institute e-mail list at the bottom of the page or follow us on social media (Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook).
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